Our story

AN’GE is the story of a passionate Parisian family created in 1985.

First, that of a couple, Anne Marie and Gérard, guided by the positive energy, passion, and love of this profession, then that of their two daughters Lauren and Julia.

This transmission from mother to daughter continues in its image to the heart of its community, and it is thanks to this unconditional loyalty that the brand has been able to meet all the challenges.

Season after season, AN’GE has always been able to reinvent itself to bring fashion, femininity, and a hint of glamor into women's daily lives.

Our culture


Its DNA: exclusive prints and colorful knits with unique ranges! Its Parisian design office is the leitmotiv of this inspired and colorful family!

Under the artistic direction of the founder, Anne Marie Elbaze, the style teams are in constant effervescence, on the lookout for new inspirations which will make it possible to offer novelties in tune with the times. Outstanding colorist, Anne Marie creates her prints in a unique and singular way.

She then makes sure that each cut is carefully thought out and adapted to naturally reveal the femininity of all silhouettes.

Research and development are also at the heart of the creation process with a single obsession: to give the ideal touch to all their knits.

« She embodies the Parisian Rive Droite spirit, sparkling and eclectic »

Our engagements

ITS LAST CHALLENGE: to engage in a more reasoned production by choosing to publish its products in limited series. A first step in the fight against overproduction in the textile industry and thereby in the preservation of the environment.

Gradually, the brand is working to improve production processes in terms of environmental respect, in particular by recovering rainwater for washing its knitwear, for example.

The company also chooses to work mainly with family factories in its image.

Missions and Values

AN’GE strives to make the trend accessible to all, to offer fashionable but easy-to-wear pieces that you can mix and match according to your style and your desires.

At AN’GE, we cultivate attention to detail and we use as often as possible natural materials, pleasant to wear, to design collections always imbued with a touch of GLAMOR and a touch of NEOROMANTISM which will remain forever ICONIC pieces from our dressing room!