ANGE Eshop is an e-commerce website. The General Conditions of Sale presented here establish the rights and obligations incumbent on the various parties involved in the online sale of products and services offered by Members must have read these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and declare that they have accepted them in order to benefit from the ANGE Eshop offer.

Article 1 - definitions

In these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the terms listed below have the following meanings:

"Catalogue" means the collection of Products offered for sale by the brand ANGE. Any Product visible on the Website and notably photographed on a mannequin, does not necessarily form part of the Catalogue as well as any product forming part of the Catalogue, does not necessarily form part of the products put online on ANGE Eshop. To check this, please click on the Product in question. Any reference to a Product sheet means that the Product is in its Sales Category. Otherwise, the Product must be considered as not offered for sale. The Product sheet of a Product gives information on its nature, its name, its composition, the sizes and colours available, the precautions for use and maintenance, its price as well as its availability. It is accompanied by a photograph reproducing the Product as faithfully as possible.

"Customer" means any natural person of full age acting as a consumer for purposes that do not fall within the scope of his/her professional or commercial activity and who has his/her habitual residence in the Area of the proposed Offer. By becoming a member, the Customer declares and guarantees that he/she has the legal capacity to contract, to commit himself/herself or to hold the authorisation of a person with parental authority, a tutor or curator if he/she is a minor or incapable. Any purchase on the Site will be deemed to have been made by the Customer, ANGE will not be held responsible for any act, consultation or transaction carried out by a minor under the responsibility or guardianship of parental authority.

"Member" means any person having accepted the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale, having registered on the website and wishing to enjoy the online sales privileges offered by the brand.

" ANGE " means the company named DADIER, SARL Unipersonnelle with a capital of 486 850 € whose registered office is at ANGE-DADIER 113, boulevard Sébastopol 75002 Paris, France, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under n° B 482 113 982. ANGE is the seller of the Products.

"Product" means any item selected by ANGE to constitute the Online Catalogue proposed by the brand, whether it comes from the ANGE " clothing collections and/or collections of derived products.

"Customer Service" means the department of ANGE from which the Customer can obtain further information on the Products or make a complaint. Its e-mail address is [email protected] accessible on the Website under the heading "Contact".

"Return Service" means the department of ANGE or the service provider designated by ANGE, to which the Client must return any Product in application of the articles listed below. The contact details of this department are : Service Retour ANGE Eshop - DADIER, 9 rue Joseph et Etienne Montgolfier - 93 110 Rosny sous bois.

"Site" means the interactive electronic service subject to French law, hosted by STEPONE (22, rue Palestro 75002 Paris), operated by ANGE on the Internet network accessible at the URL:

"Offer Area" means all countries in the delivery area, with the exception of countries and territories that have a special relationship with one of the delivery area countries and that are not part of the customs territory or the VAT territory of the European Union.

"Filleul" means any person who has benefited from the sponsorship offer by a customer of the e-commerce site ANGE Eshop. The sponsor can offer the possibility to one or more persons of his choice to benefit from his anteriority. If ANGE is led to notice serious irregularities by a Customer in the use of its sponsorship system, ANGE may take all appropriate measures to stop these irregularities, including the exclusion of the latter.

Article 2 - Objects

2.1 - The present conditions govern the distance selling by ANGE to the Client of Products on Catalogue, by electronic means from the Website.

2.2 - They apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, including those in force for shops.

2.3- Any order registration implies full and unreserved adherence of the Customer to these terms and conditions of sale.

2.4- The present conditions may be subject to modification. The applicable conditions are then those in force on the Site on the date of the Customer's order. The Customer is invited to consult them regularly in order to keep himself informed of any modifications.

Article 3 - Product sales offer

3.1- Any offer to sell a Product is valid as long as the Product is in the Catalogue and is available in stock.

3.2- ANGE Eshop reserves the right to cancel or refuse the sale of any Product for legitimate reasons and to inform the Customer by email after the registration of the Customer's order. Legitimate reasons are: the unavailability of the Product, the Client's abnormal request, the Client's bad faith, the existence of a dispute with the Client concerning the payment of a previous order, any fraudulent payment or attempted payment.

Article 4 - Customer account

4.1- Any order registration is subject to the creation of a Customer account.

4.2- The creation of a Customer account can be done either during the checkout process when validating the basket, or beforehand by clicking on "My Account" which appears on all the pages of the Site.

4.3- The Customer must identify himself by means of his e-mail address, which must be valid and have a password. The password specific to the Customer must then be confirmed. These elements are confidential. The Customer is solely responsible for the consequences of the use of his account, until it is deactivated.

4.4- To continue his registration, the Customer must fill in his surname, first name, year of birth, postal address of usual residence, telephone number and e-mail address. The address of a hotel or any other holiday resort, a post office box or a post office is not considered to be a usual residence address.

4.5- The Customer must provide true and sincere information and must update it in the event of any changes affecting them. Any changes must be made online and take effect on the first working day thereafter.

4.6- ANGE may by right, without notice or compensation, deactivate the account of a Client in the event of non-compliance by the Client with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, non-payment by the Client of sums due or acts contrary to the interests of the company ANGE and/or DADIER.

4.7- Any Client, who wishes to deactivate his/her account, must notify ANGE by clicking on "Contact". ANGE undertakes to deactivate the account within a maximum period of forty-eight hours from receipt of the request.


Taxes and customs duties are paid by the customer directly to the carrier.


The prices shown are calculated and include the value added tax (VAT) applicable in France or applicable in the country of delivery of the recipient.